5  Major Benefits of Testing In Screening & Selection


1. Saves Money

Hiring a mediocre or poor performing employee is expensive. Not only do they create a toxic work environment, they cost your company in lost productivity. Additionally, it's expensive to fire, initiate a new search and hire a new person.

2. Saves Time

The old saying, "Time is money" is true. It takes time to interview and hire. You often lose hours of productivity. These costs are rarely considered but they are an expense. We can provide profile testing and give you the results in 24 hours.

3. Eliminates Emotional Hiring

Many candidates offer a good first impression, capturing the interest of the interviewer. However, a likable candidate is not always the right hire. They could lack skills, experience or commitment to work. Linkable doesn't always translate into an effective employee. We know how to differentiate the likable from the capable. 

4. Improves Predictability

Hard statistical data is a great predictor of a candidate's success compared with an interviewers' subjective observations. Most business decisions are based on verifiable data. Why not hiring?

5. Discrimination Free

Our professional tests are free of age, gender and nationality biases.


    "Competent test use can make significant and demonstrable contributions to productivity and to fair treatment of individuals in employment settings. Among available alternatives, tests are the most valid and the least discriminatory personnel decision aids available."
    (Source: American Psychological Association)

    "When we know what people do best they can be directed to their strengths, then they will do what they enjoy, and ultimately be more productive."
    (Source: John H. Brownlee)




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