Company Highlights

We delight in helping our clients enhance performance and productivity. Here are a few highlights: 

  • One high-tech company fired up to 75% of their salespeople within their first year. Our assessments proved they were hiring the wrong type of people, helping them save $100,000s a year.
  • Retained by Private Equity company to assess entrepreneurs before acquisition.
  • Assessed a dysfunctional leadership team, identified the problem and provided a roadmap to success for a large organization in Brazil.
  • Retained for over 15 years by Toronto, Canada outplacement firm to assess terminated executives.
  • During a merger of two major international insurance companies, tested 75 key executives within two weeks to determine who had the best long-term potential to lead the new company.
  • Completed over 100 executive assessments during the merger of two major banks in London, England.
  • Participated in the mergers of two multi-billion dollar oil companies and two multi-million dollar auto parts companies.
  • Conducted hundreds of individual assessments across the US and internationally.