Career Counseling


Your career is one of the two most important aspects of your life. If you are unhappy or ill-suited to your career, it will reflect unhappiness in all other aspects of your life.

We do not subscribe to the theory ‘you can be anything you want to be.’ Someone may be interested in medicine but does not have the intellectual or emotional skills to be successful. Or they may want to be a financial analysts but are not numerically inclined or have the attentional and concentration skills required.

We have worked with many professionals who are in the middle of their careers, but are very unhappy and believe they are trapped. We can help you get unstuck by developing a plan where you can use your existing education and experience in a little different manner. 

  • Like the woman who was very unhappy being a corporate attorney. We discovered her love for engineering and helped her move into construction law where she found great satisfaction.
  • Or the woman who had been fired from 12 clerical positions. The problem was she was very bright and should have been in engineering. She studied engineering and was quickly at the top of her class. 
  • Or the very bright university graduate who wanted to enter law but suffered long-term depression and could not handle the stress. We helped him see a good alternative that was low stress.

We have found others who were very unhappy in their career only to discover it was not the career, but the environment that was a mismatch. And we have found our share of persons who are suffering from stress or burnout.

At Brownlee & Company we have many years’ experience in doing comprehensive career evaluations for persons in university to professionals in all disciplines. 

Our approach is to integrate testing with personal coaching. Areas we give specific consideration to are: interpersonal skills, management style, decision making, time management skills and personal emotional issues. 

If you are unhappy in your career or undecided on a direction, we can help you. Just as we have helped many others.