'I was introduced to John Brownlee in 1994, and have consistently used his superior selection methods which are better than my own instincts. John is a master at comparing candidates to the position you are hiring. With John Brownlee's services, we have built a strong and capable team. Wasting your time and money on a bad hiring can be detrimental to your organization. John will help steer you to select the right candidate."        

      (Mike Incrovia, CEO, Novita Technologies, Hendersonville, Tennessee)


"With John's methods you will be able to consistently identify the right person for the right job. Your executive group will learn and apply the interpersonal skills necessary to become a High Performance Team. The benefits you will gain will reverberate throughout your organization."     

     (Michael Hottinger, President, Tridon, Inc.)


 "I most strongly recommend John Brownlee... You will never be disappointed. He and his programs are first class in every respect, and without rival in my opinion."   

     (Dave Sanderson, Director, Marketing & Strategy, Coca-Cola)


    "John had the knack of being part of the Verity Team while also maintaining an objectivity which we needed. John has also been a super resource for the staff, one and all."

    (Margaret Charlton, Managing Partner, Verity International, Toronto, Canada)