Management-Executive Coaching


Coaching at any level can be very helpful, ineffective or damaging. The quality of the coaching you are getting is dependent on the education, experience and personality of the coach. 

Like any other profession all coaches are not equal. There is always the range from the very good to the very poor. 

At Brownlee and Company our uniqueness is the integration of specialized testing and our extensive experience in coaching to quickly identify areas for development and focused concentration, leading to greater growth.

We know the difference between:

  • Communication difficulties and personality disorders.
  • Personality conflicts and potentially very destructive rage.
  • Inability to concentrate and ADD/ADHD.
  • One who seems unhappy in their job from clinical depression
  • One who has the potential to become highly effective from one who may never be capable of functioning effectively.

We are qualified to administer highly valid and reliable personality, psychological and competency-based tests. These are not one of the basic tests anyone can buy online. Our testing identifies the strengths and limitations of an individual allowing us to quickly get to the real issues.

At Brownlee & Company we know the difference between good tests and poor tests.  We are professionally trained and have worked in a variety of environments, from an entrepreneurial startup to C-suites in Fortune 500 companies.

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