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Have you ever hired a mediocre employee whom you thought for certain was a super star? They said all the right things in the interview, but when they were on the job, their performance, at best, was second-rate.

We can help you identify the successful and exceptional performers. Testing, assessments, and evaluations are not distracted by a good “interviewer.” The people we recommend have gone on to make tremendous contributions in their new organizations. And they stay. 


Testing/ Assessments

Companies rely on us to thoroughly test and conduct assessments. We often uncover true leaders who should be leading and unsuccessful individuals who are employed in the wrong position.

Our assessments are successful because we have the combination of selecting the right tests and having the expertise to properly evaluate the people and the data.

The result is our assessments save you time and money.

Pre-employment Assessments

Our proven personality, leadership, and competency-based testing works for all positions - from C-suite to support personnel. With our assistance, your rate of successful hires will improve greatly.

Hiring a mediocre employee is more costly than a poor performer. Mediocre employees require constant training and supervision, and rarely rise to the level of performance that is expected. Consider the high costs of lost business and productivity from hiring and retaining a mediocre employee.

Developmental Assessments

Our comprehensive assessments of your existing leadership and management will guide you in knowing who to develop and promote.

Don't waste your time and resources trying to develop employees who do not have the ability or motivation to become top level performers.



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