5 Benefits of Testing



5 Major Benefits of Testing
In Screening & Selection

1. Hiring a mediocre or poor performing employee is expensive. Not only do they create a toxic work environment, they cost your company in lost productivity. Additionally, it's expensive to fire, initiate a new search and hire a new person.

2. Testing Identifies Specific Areas For Personalized Development.

3. Testing Enhances Succession Planning.

4. Testing Eliminates The Emotional Hire.

5. Testing Does Not Discriminate Against Race And Gender.

    "Competent test use can make significant and demonstrable contributions to productivity and to fair treatment of individuals in employment settings. Among available alternatives, tests are the most valid and the least discriminatory personnel decision aids available."
    (American Psychological Association, 1985)

    "When we know what people do best they can be directed to their strengths, they will do what they enjoy the most, and ultimately be more productive."
    (John H. Brownlee)