Criteria For Testing

 Criteria For Testing In Screening And Selection

    Testing is not to be used as stand alone criteria for accepting or rejecting a prospective employee. It must always be used in conjunction with a personal interviews and reference checking. It supplements and enhances personal interviewing.
    Integrating testing with personal interviews and reference checking significantly increases the potential for clearly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a prospective employee. A three legged stool is always safer than a one legged stool.
    Testing can disclose strengths and weaknesses that can never be identified or quantified by only using the personal interview.
    Testing adds objectivity to the selection process and minimizes the possibility of an emotional hire.

Effective Testing Absolutely Requires

    The proper selection of the testing instrument for what one wants to know is critical to getting reliable information. Many tests provide information, but not the information that you require. Some tests are worse than no tests because they give a false sense of confidence.
    Test Validity: It verifies that one is measuring what they think they are.
    Test Reliability: It reveals how accurate the test is. Test-retest reliability provides statistical information on the stability of test scores across a fixed time interval.

Professional Assistance In Selection And Interpretation Of Tests

    Only highly skilled and experienced professionals should be responsible for the proper selection of testing instruments to match your company's unique needs.
    The administration and interpretation of the testing of your prospective employees is a very sensitive issue. Only thoroughly competent professionals should be used.
    Brownlee & Company is highly skilled and experienced in the proper selection of testing instruments to match your company's unique needs. We have over thirty-five years experience in pre-hiring and professional development testing.