Changing Groups Into Teams

Changing Groups Into EFFECTIVE TEAMS

The Problem: Today, there is a rapid movement toward fewer middle managers and more self-directed work teams. A group of people working on a task does not automatically make them an effective team. The tendency is to always underestimate the complexity and changing dynamics of a team. What was a good team yesterday can quickly become a poor team today.

Ineffective teams are a tremendous financial cost to your company in lost productivity, customer relationships and high personnel turnover.

Effective teams are composed of individuals who know their own strengths and weaknesses. All team members must come to firmly believe that the best results will only come through the combined effort of diverse skills, communication styles and experience where each one is willing to give their best in supporting the other team members.

Our Solution: Brownlee & Company consults with business in the development of an overall team strategy. We also assist in the initial formation of new teams. Testing and personal assessments are used to identify the potential assets and liabilities of the team leader and members. Our company is very experienced in re-orienting existing teams. Each team is unique. One style does not fit all.