Training For Better Results

Training For Better Results

The Problem: The information age has exploded upon us. No one is able to keep up with all the rapid change that is taking place. Business knows that it must continually invest in the training and upgrading of their employees skills or they will be left behind.

The questions often asked by management are: "How do we get the best training on a limited budget?" "Do we send our people out for expensive one-to-three day courses?" or "Do we provide in house training?" The bottom line is: "Are we getting the best results for our investment?"

Brownlee & Company believes that often the most effective group training takes place in-house on an on-going basis. It is an accepted fact that within 72 hours most people have forgotten at least 80% of what they heard in a large off-site one day course.

Our Solution: Our unique solution is to structure on-going training for one day each month over a period of several months.

Our Benefits:

    Provides opportunity for the individuals to try out new information and report back for reinforcement and refinement. The trainer becomes a personal coach.
    Allows the trainer to address particular circumstances as they arise. The best learning is always at the moment when one needs the information.
    Trainer learns first hand about the specific needs of the group and therefore can alter the presentation to make it relevant.
    Promotes team cohesiveness as the team members are being trained with their peers and all are learning the same information.
    Financially, it is more cost effective because employees retain more of the information and the cost can be spread over a longer period of time.

Performance Enhancement Training Programs Include:

    Listening Carefully & Speaking Clearly
    Understanding & Motivating Different Personality Types
    Improving Concentration Capabilities
    Responding to and Leading Change
    Developing Managerial Skills
    Managing Difficult People
    Hiring The Right People
    Surviving Corporate Politics
    Myers-Briggs Personality Types
    Communications for Technical People