Have you ever hired a mediocre employee whom you thought for certain was a super star? They said all the right things in the interview, but when they were on the job, their performance, at best, was second-rate.

We can help you identify the successful and exceptional performers. Testing, assessments, and evaluations are not distracted by a good “interviewer.” The people we recommend have gone on to make tremendous contributions in their new organizations. And they stay. 


Testing/ Assessments

Companies rely on us to thoroughly test and conduct assessments. We often uncover true leaders who should be leading and unsuccessful individuals who are employed in the wrong position.

Our assessments are successful because we have the combination of selecting the right tests and having the expertise to properly evaluate the people and the data.

The result is our assessments save you time and money.

Pre-employment Assessments

Our proven personality, leadership, and competency-based testing works for all positions - from C-suite to support personnel. With our assistance, your rate of successful hires will improve greatly.

Hiring a mediocre employee is more costly than a poor performer. Mediocre employees require constant training and supervision, and rarely rise to the level of performance that is expected. Consider the high costs of lost business and productivity from hiring and retaining a mediocre employee.

Developmental Assessments

Our comprehensive assessments of your existing leadership and management will guide you in knowing who to develop and promote.

Don't waste your time and resources trying to develop employees who do not have the ability or motivation to become top level performers.

5  Major Benefits of Testing In Screening & Selection


1. Saves Money

Hiring a mediocre or poor performing employee is expensive. Not only do they create a toxic work environment, they cost your company in lost productivity. Additionally, it's expensive to fire, initiate a new search and hire a new person.

2. Saves Time

The old saying, "Time is money" is true. It takes time to interview and hire. You often lose hours of productivity. These costs are rarely considered but they are an expense. We can provide profile testing and give you the results in 24 hours.

3. Eliminates Emotional Hiring

Many candidates offer a good first impression, capturing the interest of the interviewer. However, a likable candidate is not always the right hire. They could lack skills, experience or commitment to work. Linkable doesn't always translate into an effective employee. We know how to differentiate the likable from the capable. 

4. Improves Predictability

Hard statistical data is a great predictor of a candidate's success compared with an interviewers' subjective observations. Most business decisions are based on verifiable data. Why not hiring?

5. Discrimination Free

Our professional tests are free of age, gender and nationality biases.


    "Competent test use can make significant and demonstrable contributions to productivity and to fair treatment of individuals in employment settings. Among available alternatives, tests are the most valid and the least discriminatory personnel decision aids available."
    (Source: American Psychological Association)

    "When we know what people do best they can be directed to their strengths, then they will do what they enjoy, and ultimately be more productive."
    (Source: John H. Brownlee)




"I was introduced to John Brownlee in 1994, and have consistently used his superior selection methods which are better than my own instincts. John is a master at comparing candidates to the position you are hiring. With John Brownlee's services, we have built a strong and capable team. Wasting your time and money on a bad hire can be detrimental to your organization. John will help steer you to select the right candidate."        

      (Mike Incorvia, CEO, Novita Technologies, Hendersonville, Tennessee)

"With John's methods you will be able to consistently identify the right person for the right job. Your executive group will learn and apply the interpersonal skills necessary to become a High Performance Team. The benefits you will gain will reverberate throughout your organization."     

     (Michael Hottinger, President, Tridon, Inc.)

 "I most strongly recommend John Brownlee. You will never be disappointed. He and his programs are first class in every respect, and without rival in my opinion.."   

     (Dave Sanderson, Director, Marketing & Strategy, Coca-Cola)

    "John had the knack of being part of the Verity Team while also maintaining objectivity, which we needed. John has also been a super resource for the staff, one and all."

    (Margaret Charlton, Managing Partner, Verity International)



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John H. Brownlee has built a solid reputation for outstanding work in pre-hiring and leadership development assessments. He has an international reputation in enhancing performance, productivity and profitability in development of senior leaders, management and staff.

John has over 35 years experience in conducting assessments with many major international corporations. His international experience was acquired while living and working in England, Canada and Brazil.

He has also been recruited to participate in several major international mergers.

John is highly skilled in selecting the right tests to provide quality data to the client.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Master of Arts in Sociology and Counseling from Ball State University and did Post Graduate studies at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

John's personal philosophy is: "Helping Business and Individuals Reach Their Full Potential."



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